XF Responsive Backend Theme

XF Responsive Backend Theme

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XF Backend Theme

Odoo Community Backend Theme


Make your Odoo ERP System more user-friendly! This module offers responsive design for Odoo Community. If you employees use android, ios or other mobile devices to browse odoo erp system, then they will thank you!

New icons are added for all built-in modules and new app menu is implemented. App menu is also available for mobile devices. The secondary menu is hidden by default. It is showing/hiding after clicking the sidebar, or by touch-slide: left-to-right to open sidebar, right-to-left - to close it.

If you bought the theme, and you need additional icon for your custom module/menu please contact me, I will try to find the relevant one for your module from my set of icons.

Mobile Interface

App Menu
Secondary Menu
Sales Kanban View
Sale Orders List
Sale Order Form
Partner Form
Projects Kanban View
Project Task Pivot View

Desktop Interface

App Menu
Sales Form
Sales Tree View
Contact me for Support, Customization, Implementation:
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: https://t.me/xfanis
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XFanis_Dev
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This theme does not use any external Python dependencies.
This theme is not translated in any languages, it is only available in English.