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I want to buy apps

If the app is free you can download it and deploy it on your instance or on When the app is paid you cannot test it before buying it. Some of the partners have demo environments though so please reach out to them first.
No. The Odoo online instances do not allow installing custom addons. You can only use custom apps if the Odoo instance is self-hosted or if it is on
Shortly after buying your app(s) you will receive an e-mail with temporary download links which will be valid for 30 days. Once the download links are no longer valid you can download the apps from your orders page. On the app page you will see a download button from where you can download the code.
Reach out to the publisher of the module. The publisher can - and should - help you. The author is only required to fix issues in the module or if they module does not work. This does not mean you can demand new features or changes to the functionalities of the apps.

If there is a conflict in the situation and the author does not provide a solution you can create a dispute from the sale order. The Odoo Store will check the report and will decide which measures should be taken.
You can install a module by adding the module to your custom addons folder. Your custom addons folder has to be added in your Odoo it's manifest file. If this is done you can update your modules list. Enable the technical features - also known as debug modus - and update your apps list from Apps > Update Apps List. After updating the apps list you can search for the app by it's name and click on install to install the app on your database.
Please contact us at [email protected] with any other questions and we'll answer them as soon as possible!

I want to sell apps

You can start selling your modules very easily.
Before you can sell a module it has to be available on Github, either on a public or a private repository. The first step is to add your Github repository on The Odoo Store which you can do from here. If you want to sell a paid module you can set the price by adding two keys to the manifest of your module. The key 'price' defines the price of your app and the key 'currency' defines in which currency you want to sell your app. For example:
'price': '29.95',
'currency': 'EUR',

Note: if you sell your app and the price is less than 10€/$ we will automatically set the price to 10€/$. Anything less is truly not managable.

At this point we support the currencies EUR and USD.
Setting a price for your apps is rather hard and it depends on where you're located as labour costs differ a lot through the world. If you have a good app that fills up a need you should not be afraid to ask enough money. The customer saves valuable time by being able to use your module.

Prices range a lot but you shouldn't sell an app for less than 10€. This won't come close to covering your costs. Usually asking 40-400€, depending on the size of your app, is a good starting point.
We try not to create too many limits and rules. It's simple, if you know that you probably shouldn't do something you shouldn't. We have a few basic rules:
  1. Modules should install without errors. If the app you've published does not install on a default Odoo database it will be removed.
  2. Modules that do not get support if there are issues will be removed if this behaviour keeps occuring.
  3. Modules that are copied without permissions and credits will be removed. Under no circumstances should modules be copied and republished. If a module reuses a lot of code from another module it will be removed.
  4. Modules that steal private data by sending it to another system or modules that download/execute new code will be removed. Obfuscated or encrypted code is not allowed.
  5. Modules that have security exploits, for example through third party Python libraries, which can cause a threat to the customers database will be removed if not fixed. We will actively check for exploits and will notify the author if there are any. If they are not fixed this will result in the removal of your module.
You can request an app certification by going to your app and clicking on the 'request certification' button. The cost for getting your app certified is based on the amount of lines of code you have multiplied by a price per line (0.1€). A verified app will come up higher in the appstore and will show a validation label to show to customers that this app is of top quality.

Once we've received a request we will do a manual review of the app and we will send you an e-mail with the app either being verified or refused. This e-mail contains a list of feedback on what has to be changed or can be improved.
You can request a highlight by going to your app(s) and clicking on the 'Get highlighted' button. The cost for getting your app highlighted is based on a daily price (10€).

There can only be one highlighted app a day and a highlighted app is only accepted if the quality of the app is good. If this is not the case we will ask you to make changes and to replan the highlight. If you're not sure that your app it's quality is good enough for a highlight you can e-mail us at [email protected]
By default you get 75% of the sale price of your app. We keep track of your sales in a purchase order which you can see in your dashboard. Once the profits of your apps are above 200€ we will pay them out automatically if we can or we will send an e-mail to notify you that we are waiting for an invoice from your side. This invoice should include a reference to our purchase order.

You should have a VAT number to get paid in most countries. If you have no VAT number you should check with your accountant if you can receive money without a VAT number in your country.
For publishing your apps on our platform we need read rights on your repository. If your repository is a private repository you need to authorize our TheOdooStoreBot Github account for this repository. Our platform automatically checks and accepts Github repository invites. This automated step should be completed within 15 minutes. After we have read rights we will automatically handle your Odoo apps.
Our system automatically checks for app updates every day.
Any app that you have published should be updated automatically within 48 hours or you can request a manual update from your repository page.
Our system automatically checks for any Python packages used in your app in a few ways. If your app doesn't have dependencies configured in the (or file we will look in the requirements.txt file of your repository. Finally we will use a custom system to detect any Python packages required for your app that have not been defined in your manifest/requirements file.
By default The Odoo Store takes 17.5% - 25% commission on your sales.
This fee is to cover transaction costs and the maintenance of the platform.
The commission rate depends on the price of your apps and can be viewed under the "Why us" section
Please contact us at [email protected] with any other questions and we'll answer them as soon as possible!