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ADR Dangerous Goods

ADR Dangerous Goods

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This addon adds possibility to mark products with dangerous class due to European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

If your products contain dangerous product or waste you can link the relevant ADR goods to each product.

Based on the dangerous goods classes and the product quantities or weights, the picking will show the number of ADR points on the Other Info tab.

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On the product form, you can mark a product as dangerous. That will enable a new tab on the product form’s notebook on which you can select the dangerous goods that applies to this particular product, out of a list of dangerous goods that represents Table A from chapter 3 of the ADR specifications document.

It is possible to specify a different, or no goods per product variant.

The data in this module is generated based on a spreadsheet from This spreadsheet, just like the specifications themselves sometimes contain multiple options for each dangerous good, or additional restrictions that apply. That complexity is not encoded in the data in this module. For each dangerous goods that you configure on the products in your database, you should verify the correctness of the data against the latest version of the specifications and in case of additional restrictions or multiple options for the dangerous goods you should configure the goods according to the situation in your warehouse. You can access the configuration of the dangerous goods using menu Inventory -> Configuration -> Dangerous Goods.

The number of ADR points on the picking is based on the product weight field if it is filled in, or otherwise on the UoM quantity in the product’s reference UoM (presumably Liter or Kilogram).

This module defines an ADR user group and an ADR admin group. Membership of one of these groups is required to access the product tab with the ADR info. By default, all inventory users are added to the ADR user group.

Known issues / Roadmap

  • Dangerous products may also have temperature control to track goods in stock and delivery
  • Allow an effective label selection for products in class 7, as all labels in that class may apply to all products (but not at the same time).
  • Update the data in this module beyond the 2019 version of the specifications

Changelog (2021-05-04)

  • [BREAKING] Gather dangerous goods attributes on a new model adr.goods, and replace all product attributes with a Many2one on this model. Remove all other unused or unclear attributes.
  • [ADD] XML data for the dangerous goods table from the 2019 edition, including translations in 3 languages.

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  • Camptocamp


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