Sanitize Working Email Address

Sanitize Working Email Address

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XF Working Email Address Sanitizer

After installation this module the system will check if working email address of employees is correct and contains corporate domain.
Such strict validation of email addresses will help prevent mistakes when adding or changing employees.

Steps to start using the email sanitizer:

  1. Install the module
  2. Enable dev mode (?debug=1)
  3. Go to Settings - Parameters - System Parameters
  4. Search the key ""
  5. Update the domain value
  6. Update the regex value if needed

Please note:

  • If leave the domain value empty, the domain validation will be disabled
  • If leave the regex value empty, the validation using regular expression will be disabled


Example 1 - Domain Validation
Email Sanitizer Example 1 - Domain Validation
Example 2 - Regex Validation
Email Sanitizer Example 2 - Regex Validation
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