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Easy Field Level Security in Odoo 14

If you are Odoo implementer, you may come across the request from the customer to make some sensitive fields non-editable for certain user groups. Entrivis Tech developed the module which provides such a feature.
First of all, you need to go to the company form view. You will find a new tab called Restricted Fields.

Here you can select the fields for which you want to restrict the access. We have taken the price unit field in the Sales Order line in this example. You select multiple fields here.
To check how it works, let's go to the sales quotation. When you create a new quotation and add a product, the system will not allow you to edit the Unit Price field. Check the image:

Now what if you want to allow some users to edit the product price in the quotation. Go you the form view of the user, with debug/developer mode enabled.
There you will find a check box ‘Allow Restricted Fields’. Check it for the user in order to grant the permission to edit the unit price in the quotation.

Now that we have ticked the box, the user will be able to edit the unit price. Refresh the browser and create a quotation to check.

Known limitation: it does not work with the point of sale.

If you have any query, free fill to contact us on [email protected] .

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