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The new menu “Report Center” is the central place to host your reports in one place. From here, there are 2 ways to launch the report,

  1. Run Now - run report immediately as per normal.
  2. Run Background - put the report execution to queue job.

By using the queue job, option 2 is great for long running report. The report file will be saved for later use, with the option to send report by email as soon as it is ready.


  • Only user with Technical Feature rights can manage the report.
  • Every internal user will have right to execute the report allowed for his/her groups.
  • The files created are owned and viewable only by the person who run the report.
  • Job queue manager can also see all jobs for each reports.

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Menu: Dashboard > Report Center

As Technical Feature users, you can manage reports for Report Center.

  • Report: choose the report (a window action). Although the option show all window actions it only make sense for window actions that launch reports.
  • Allow Async: check this, if you want the report to run in background too, suitable for report that return file as result, i.e., pdf/xlsx/csv/txt.
  • Email Notification: if checked, once the background process is completed, email with link to download report will be sent.
  • Groups: select user groups allowed to use this report. If left blank, all user can use.

As normal user, you can run your reports from Report Center

  • Run Now button: to run report immediately as per normal.
  • Run Background button: to run report asynchronously. Fall back to run now, if not report that produce file.
  • Job Status: show status of the latest run job. If job fail, exception error will also shown
  • Files: show all files being produced by the job as run by the user.
  • Jobs: show all jobs triggered by this report as run by the user. Only job queue manager have access to this button.

As additional improvement, you can now generate reports async directly from the form view itself, and not have to go into the “Report Center” specifically to do it. This can be done by pressing Print, you will get a popup asking you if you want to run it Async, and then to verify the email address that it should be sent to. See below sample:

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