Purchase Blanket Orders

Purchase Blanket Orders

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Purchase Blanket Orders

Purchase Blanket Orders

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A purchase blanket order is a pre-agreement to purchase a certain number of quantities of products at a specific price. From a confirmed blanket order, the users can create new purchase orders at such price, until the blanket order expires due to reaching the validity date.

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A new menu in the Purchase area is created, allowing users to create new blanket orders.

To create a new Purchase Blanket Order go to the purchase menu in the Purchase section:

Blanket Orders menu

Hitting the button create will open the form view in which we can introduce the following information:

  • Vendor
  • Payment Terms
  • Ordering and Validity dates
  • Order lines:
    • Product
    • Accorded price
    • Original, Ordered, Invoiced, Received and Remaining quantities
  • Terms and Conditions of the Blanket Order
Blanket Orders form

From the form, once the Blanket Order has been confirmed and its state is open, the user can create a Purchase Order, check the Purchase Orders associated to the Blanket Order and/or see the Blanket Order lines associated to the BO.

Actions that can be done from Blanket Order

Hitting the button Create Purchase Order will open a wizard that will ask for the amount of each product in the BO lines for which the Purchase Order will be created.

Create Purchase Order from Blanket Order

Installing this module will add an additional menu which will show all the blanket order lines currently defined in the system. From this list the user can create customized Purchase Orders selecting the lines for which the PO (or POs if the vendors are different) is (are) created.

Blanket Order lines and actions

In the Purchase Order form one field is added in the PO lines, the Blanket Order line field. This field keeps track to which Blanket Order line the PO line is associated. Upon adding a new product in a newly created Purchase Order a blanket order line will be suggested depending on the following factors:

  • Closer Validity date
  • Remaining quantity > Quantity introduced in the Purchase Order line
New field added in Purchase Order Line

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This module is maintained by the OCA.

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