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Paystack Payment Gateway

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This module will allow user to pay using the Paystack Payment Acquirer, majorly used in African region.

Paystack Configuration:

  • Create/Login Paystack account on
  • After login go to Setting -> API Keys & Webhooks
  • Copy Secret Key from API Configuration

Installation and Configuration:

  • Install Paystack Payment Acquirer from the app list
  • Go to Website -> Configuration -> eCommerce -> Payment Acquirers -> Paystack
  • Add secret key from paystack account
  • Set state to Test Mode/Enabled
  • Click on save button
  • All set to use paystack; select paystack to pay using paystack.

If you have any query, free fill to contact us on [email protected] .

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Werkzeug 0.16.1
requests 2.22.0
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