Intrastat Product Declaration for Belgium

Intrastat Product Declaration for Belgium

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Intrastat Product Declaration for Belgium

Intrastat Product Declaration for Belgium

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This module implements the Belgian Intrastat reporting.

The report can be reviewed and corrected where needed before the creation of the XML file for the online declaration (ONEGATE).

More information can be found on the National Bank website:

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Conflicting modules

This module conflicts with the module report_intrastat and l10n_be_intrastat from the official addons. If you have already installed these modules, you should uninstall them before installing this module.

Refund handling

We recommend to also install the OCA stock_picking_invoice_link module, cf. This modules establishes a link between invoice lines and stock pickings. When this module is installed the declaration will take into account refunds created via return pickings.

Multi-company setup

Please ensure to set the Default Company of the OdooBot user to the company for which you are installing this localization module. Not doing so may result in a conflict with other localization modules (e.g. l10n_fr_intrastat_product).

Configuration wizard to load intrastat codes

The module comes with a configuration wizard that allows you to load the intrastat codes into the database. The intrastat codes are available in 4 languages : english, dutch, french, german.

If your databases has been configured to support multiple languages, you should execute the wizard for each language that you want to offer to the users.


  • Accounting -> Configuration -> Settings

    • Arrivals : Exempt, Standard or Extended
    • Dispatches : Exempt, Standard or Extended
    • Default Intrastat Region
    • Default Intrastat Transaction
    • Default Intrastat Transport Mode (Extended Declaration)
    • Default Intrastat Incoterm (Extended Declaration)
  • Warehouse

    Intrastat Region to cope with warehouses in different regions

  • Inrastat Codes, Supplementary Units, Transaction Tyoes, Transport Modes, Regions

    Cf. menu Accounting / Configuration / Intrastat

    The configuration data is loaded when installing the module. We recommend no to change these settings.

    A configuration wizard also allows to update the Intrastat Codes so that you can easily synchronise your Odoo instance with the latest list of codes supplied with this module (an update is published on an annual basis by the Belgian National Bank).

  • Product

    You can define a default Intrastat Code on the Product or the Product Category.

  • Fiscal Positions

    Check your Fiscal Positions and set the ‘Intrastat’ flag for transactations that must be included in the intrastat declaration. We recommend to set the ‘VAT required’ flag on the ‘Intra Community Regime’ Fiscal Position.

    If you have B2C customers or B2B customers which are not subject to VAT you can create a ‘Intra Community Regime NA’ Fiscal Position on which the ‘Intrastat’ flag is set while the ‘VAT required’ flag has been turned off.

  • Partner

    Ensure that your B2B Customer records have a valid VAT Number.

    Consider the use of the OCA account_fiscal_position_vat_check module to enforce the correct setting. Cf.

    If you have not set the ‘Detect Automatically’ flan on your Intra Community Fiscal Position(s) than you should set the ‘Intra Community Regime NA’ Fiscal Position on B2B customer records who are not subject to VAT. Alternatively you can also set ‘NA’ in the VAT number field of such a customer.

Known issues / Roadmap

  • The current version of the Belgian Intrastat reporting module is only based on invoices. Since associated stock moves are not taken into consideration, it is possible that manual corrections are required, e.g. Product movements without invoices are not included in the current version of this module and must be added manually to the report lines before generating the ONEGATE XML declaration.
  • Refunds on invoices within the same reporting period are deducted from the declaration lines. No controls are executed on Refunds that are not linked to an invoice in the same reporting period. Such Refunds are reported under the default transaction code for refunds. It is recommend to manually set the correct transaction code while Credit Notes are created.
  • The current version of the Belgian Intrastat reporting module does not perform a cross-check with the VAT declaration.


This module is also available for olders Odoo versions:

Bug Tracker

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Do not contact contributors directly about support or help with technical issues.



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This module is maintained by the OCA.

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