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Fleet Rental Vehicle

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Manage Fleet Rentals

A Module for managing your Vehicle rental business

Note : Please See the requirements.txt file before installation of this module.(sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt)


  • This module after installation adds the functionality of rental management for your fleet.

  • The vehicle rent button will be visible on in the list of all the fleet menus inside the main Vehicle Rent button as can be seen in the below screen.

Create Rentals

  • Now you can start creating rentals for your vehicles of the fleet by clicking on the create button. It opens up a form view as above screen where the user will need to fill out the details about the Tenant/Customer, Vehicle, Currency, Account manager, Vehicle rent, Deposite, Contact details, Maintenance cost.

Manage Rent Schedule

  • Clicking on the smart buttons Schedule Rent will schedule the rent as per the rent type defined. The scheduled rent for 6 months is defined here and according to that the rent will be scheduled as we can see in the right screen.

  • User can create invoices directly from here and open the already generated invoices as well

Receive Rental Amount & Generate Invoice

  • Click on the Create Invoice button after the rent scheduled is defined. Doing this will generate the invoice and from that the rental amount can be received after registering the payment.


  • User can keep the Maintenance details of the vehicle while being rented out to the tenant and can charge the customer or not.

Maintain History

  • User can keep the history of the rent details. It is done automatically, no manual entries reqiured by the user.

Terms & Conditions

  • User can define any Terms & Conditions for the rental if any. It will be a manual text entry done by the user.

User Configuration

  • We can define user as a tenant and driver from here.We can also see Rent schedule details from user view.

Fleet Rent Report

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