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Fiscal year closing

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Fiscal year closing

Fiscal year closing

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This module implements a generic fiscal year closing system for those countries where closing/opening moves or other kind of closing operations are mandatory in accounting books.

It includes a template mechanism that can be used in localizations for providing the possible configurations to be used by the closing engine.

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If you want to add a closing template or check existing ones:

  1. Go to Accounting/Invoicing > Configuration > Fiscal year closing > Closing templates.
  2. Click on Create.
  3. Put a name for the template.
  4. Mark if you want to check if there’s any draft move in the date range before making the closing operations.
  5. Select the chart templates for which companies that have this chart you want this template to be available for.
  6. Add one line for each of the journal entries you want to create on the closing operation.
  7. This line has a name, a code, an optional journal (selectable per company), a sequence for ordering this line with the others, and the type we want to assign on the resulting journal entry created.
  8. Then you can configure accounts for being mapped on the section “Accounts mapping”.
  9. If you put a destination account on each mapping line, then the balance of the source account will be transferred to that account.
  10. If there’s no destination account, then the balance of the account will be nullified through one or several journal items with the opposite balance.
  11. The way these opposite journal items will be created is determined by the closing type in the section “Account closing types”:
    • Balance: There will be only one journal item with the opposite balance.
    • Un-reconciled: The opposite balance will be grouped by the partner field in the period journal entries.
  12. There’s a default closing type to use, and you can specify others by account type.
  13. You can configure a closing operation for being the reverse move of another previous move generated by a closing operation (typically, the opening move after the closing one). For making that, fill the “Inverse config” field with the code of the closing operation you want to reverse, and place this operation after that one (not necessarily immediately after).
  14. The balances of the inverted journal items and the initial ones are reconciled by default.


For closing a fiscal year:

  1. Go to Accounting > Adviser > Fiscal year closings
  2. Click on create.
  3. Select the year for which you want to perform the closing. If your fiscal year doesn’t coincide with a natural year, input the last year of both of the involved years.
  4. Select the closing template you want to use.
  5. Click on “Calculate”.
  6. Check the result clicking on the “Show Moves” or “Show Move Lines” buttons.
  7. If everything is OK, then click on “Confirm and post moves” for finishing the closing, posting and reconciling the journal entries.
  8. You can cancel the closing in any moment pressing “Cancel” button, which unreconciles and removes closing journal entries.
  9. If one of the created journal entries is unbalanced, as Odoo doesn’t allow to create unbalanced entries, a new screen will be shown for checking the problem on the created entry.

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This module is maintained by the OCA.

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