Account Reconcile Rules

Account Reconcile Rules

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Account Reconcile Rules

Account Reconcile Rules

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This module complements the Reconciliation of the bank statements. When the bank statement matches one or more journal entry for a line and there is a remaining balance, Odoo proposes you to click on buttons that will generate write-off entries according to pre-configured Reconciliation Models. The aim of this module is to automatically click for you on these buttons (i.e. create the write-off journal entries) when some rules are respected, rules that you can configure.

It contains 2 types of rules (but can be extended with additional rules), described below:

The most basic rule: when the remaining balance is within a range, 1 or more operations are applied.
When the remaining balance is within a range and the currency of all the lines is the same but different from the company’s, and the amount currency is the same, 1 or more operations are applied.

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As this module aims to automatize the Reconciliation Models, you first want to ensure that you have at least one model configured. You can find them in Invoicing > Dashboard > Bank card > More > Reconciliation Models. An example of a common operation is:

Account Amount Type Amount Label
Depends of the l10n Percentage of open balance 100.0 % Rounding

The configuration of the rules themselves happens in Invoicing > Dashboard > Bank card > More > Reconciliation Rules. Refer to the description of the types of rules above in case of doubt. The form is divided in 2 parts: Rule and Result. The rule part is where you will set the conditions and the result part is what operations will be done if the conditions are valid.

For the Roundings rules, you will set a min. and a max. amount. It can be negative or positive. The amount is compared to the remaining balance when lines are matched in the bank statement. Example: if you want to create a move line in a loss account when you received 1.- not enough, you can create a rule with an min. amount of -1.0 and a max. amount of 0.0.

For the Currencies rules, the min. and max. amount have the same properties, but you will also set the currencies for which the rule applies. Setting the currency allows to configure different amounts according to the currencies.

Only the first rule matching the current situation is used, so if you have several rules overlapping for some reason, be sure to order them appropriately in the list view.


When you use the Reconcile button of a bank statement, Odoo automatically proposes you matching journal entries for each statement line. This module automatically adds journal entries generated from the Reconciliation Models if a rule matches with the current situation, so there is nothing special to do once the rules are configured.

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