MP Technolabs - Siddhi vinayak tower

Odoo Certified Project Manager and Developers Team with experience in big projects in India ,Saudi, Finland, Europe , US and many other countries . We have worked with many other Languages and stacks . also have a very good knowledge of System Administration and complex server architecture design. Hands-off experience in below points: - strong experience developing and implement Odoo v8,v10,v11, v12, v13,v14 - strong experience integrating to Odoo both on sh and on-premise - strong experience creating custom apps for Odoo within software - strong experience creating custom web apps of Odoo with tight integration into Odoo - strong experience on client on demand development - strong experience reporting and visualizing on Odoo data structure and tables I will analyze your business process to end up with the best possible Odoo solution. If you need to start from scratch, or if you've already worked with Odoo for some years, and want to take it to the next level, I will be your expert Consultant!